atlas of fantastic infrastructures

Myhe an

edited by
ludger hovestadt,
vera bühlmann

Birkhäuser, 2016

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The Atlas of Fantastic Infrastructures deals with the characterization of architecture, media and digital infrastructure. In concrete terms, it deals with the materiality of buildings and the intangibility of data. While technical or functional studies often tend to “ atten” the multiplex phenomena, the author speculatively proposes four abstract prisms: 1) Affair With Phantoms – who do we want to meet in a digitally mediated space, and what kind of conversation/activity will we have?; 2) Para-DesIre – where do our surreal desires live, and what are their strategies?; 3) mediated space catalogue – what kinds of data, information, things, spaces and places are available in the world, and how our activities blend them?; 4) gifts of the gardens – how can an idea enter physical reality, and what are the pathways of such becomings?

The author examines buildings and projects by Toyo Ito, Philippe Rahm, Olafur Eliasson, Greg Lynn, MVRDV, Electroland, Troika, NOX, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and others.

Mihye An is a designer and media theoretician, currently researching at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design (CAAD), Institute for Technologyin Architecture ITA, ETH Zurich.


table of contents

Foreword: Mastering the Generic (by Ludger Hovestadt)


Atlas I – Affairs With Phantoms

Accepting obscurity
Accepting Affection
Having Fictitious Affairs
The Last Leaf
Morel’s Machine

Atlas II — Para-Desire

Infrastructure of Para-Functionality

Atlas III — Mediated Space Catalogue

1001 Days on earth
At home
Something Special

Atlas IV — Gifts of the Gardens

A Field trip to Gardens
Fourfold Analysis and speculation

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