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How can we find a novel understanding of human intellectuality in co-existence with artificial intelligence? The Sophistication Conferencesare dedicated to a basic kind of literacy in how to think about coding in the terms of a geometry of spectra and communication. At the core of such a literacy is a different relationality of time, nature, subject, and object. Our interest is in a philosophy of the transcendental objective, at whose core resides the question of »how to embrace what presents itself as an obstacle« rather than how to make it »go away«. We see in such a »digital gnomonics« a powerful framework for addressing computational modeling, machine learning and algorithmic reasoning in a manner that does not stage an antagonistic competition between human and artificial intelligence. 

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The Sophistication Conferences are organized once a year at the Technical University Vienna, as a cooperation between the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics ATTP and the laboratory for applied virtuality at the chair for CAAD ETH Zurich, where we invite distinguished as well as young scholars from different fields to think about how such »architectonic intellectuality« affects our relations to the world at large – our institutions, as well as our ordinary daily lives.

The documentation of the past conferences are published on our YouTube channel ATTP TU VIENNA

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