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DIGITAL GNOMONICS // 7th Workshop in Lissabon (Feb 1-7 2018)

Digital Gnomonics Workshop

Lissabon, Portugal, February 1-7th 2018

With these workshops we want to engage with the vibrant and intriguing questions of architecture in the world of data. During these weeks of intensive exchange, we will immerse ourselves into abstract thinking, coding as literacy, and digital citizenship in architecture. Do you think that digital architecture has reached a point of saturation? Are you interested in stepping beyond the current discourses around digitality today? We believe that digital technologies, behaviours and environments have a far greater potential than their current articulations suggest. Let us think of coding as a new literacy!

The course is aimed at creative open-minded people who would like to challenge traditional architectural education. Current students, bachelors, masters and PhDs, recent graduates, architects, designers, career changers and individuals interested in technology and culture at large are all welcome. The course requires no specialised knowledge or background beyond a serious interest in the topic. 

Get in touch if you are interested!

Co-organized by:

Ludger Hovestadt, architect and computer scientist, professor for CAAD at ETH Zurich.
Vera Bühlmann, philosopher and media theorist, professor for architectural theory at TU Vienna.
Elias Zafiris, quantum physicist and mathematician, professor at Eötvös University, Budapest.