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  • ATTP Bibliothek Wiedner Hauptstraße 7/2 Wien, Wien Austria (map)

“Maybe life is just another great concept like space and time, belonging to the category of the possibility.” - Christian Friedrich Hebbel

Not much reveals itself as self-evident at first sight and remains as mysterious under close examination as space and time. The apparently natural familiarity, which connects us with them as part of our human existence, shall nevertheless not cover the fact of their flexible modes of interpretation. They are cultural concepts, serving us to describe our moving world ever since their first definition. Driven by the permanent rise of human experience and collective knowledge, their characteristics and coherences are permanently re-evaluated, negotiated and re-modelled into new constructions. Space and time are correlating coordinate systems in our ongoing endeavour to understand life and ultimately shape it for the better. 

This booklet speculatively collects and arranges - asks for the now and the us, within it, or so: “It is becoming more and more here now. …”

Georg Fassl is an architect, and works at the department since November 2016. His scientific interests focus on the characterisation of contemporary concepts, as well as their translation into architectonic theory and practice.