Angewandte und Experimentelle Forschung








Dynamic Ornament 1.2 - Hommage to Nicolas Schöffer’s Cybernetic City
Duration October 2010; 3000,- funded by sponsoring.

Dynamism towards a post digital iconography”

Here experimentation follows one line of investigation trying a fusion of old and new media. In this

case it has been worked out in fusing together a traditional printed billboard and digital ornamentation.

Concept and Producer: Oliver Schürer


Dynamic Ornament 1.1 experimental collectives
Duration July-August 2010; 6000,- funded by sponsoring.

"Paint against Aids"

Dieses Experiment steht in Zusammenhang mit Forschung über Möglichkeiten Soziale Medien auf Mega-Interfaces zugänglich zu machen.

Die Immunschwächekrankeit HIV wird durch sozialen Austausch übertragen. Bester Schutz gegen Aids sind nicht Medikamente, sondern bestimmte Arten von Verhalten und sozialer Praxis. ehr

Idea and concept: Oliver Schürer

Duration Fall 2009, 58.000,- funded by sponsoring.

"The Two-Sided image"

Development of an artistic, experimental media facade in an exhibition at the Kunsthalle Wien, Project Space. Various features new features of a screen have been realized, like ,the image is produced to the inside and the outside at once, inhomogeneous resolution, spatial depth of the screen surface, kinetic transformation effect with the motion of the observers, playful social media in collective painting on the facade via handheld devices. more

Idea and concept: Oliver Schürer


Duration 2006-2008, 504.000,- funded by the FFG
Development of a prototype for a media façade for mass production including the first standard

for an interface between the building automation bus and the façade bus systems.

Cooperation between several corporations out of the fields of architecture, building construction,

computer engineering, media design, LED display systems and Architecture Theory. externer Link

Arch-Theory Consultant: Oliver Schürer