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Riccardo M. Villa joined the department as assistant researcher in September 2017. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Milan, where he graduated with honours with a dissertation about the contemporary mutations of the architectural profession. He is currently pursuing a PhD at the department, and his recent interests revolve around architecture in its production, under a spectrum of investigation that spans from aesthetics and semiotics to biopolitics.

His professional background includes collaborations with several practices around Europe, from small ateliers to large architectural companies. Since 2009 he is a member and part of the editorial board of GIZMO, a Milan-based architectural research collective, and a platform for publications, events and exhibitions. He contributed to magazines and to other publications dealing with architectural history and criticism. His latest work, Backstage: l’architettura come lavoro concreto (Hoepli, 2016) deals with the state of the practice and the conditions of labour in contemporary architecture.