7th LIXIL INternational student competition:

SPa in the nature - radiant field


Team of architecture students: Patrick Aprent, Dominik Fill, Lena Kohlmayr, Ivan Matas, Raphaela Schiefersteiner

Instructors: Valle Medina andBenjamin Reynolds, Prof. Vera Bühlmann.

External advisors are Prof. Ludger Hovestadt (Chair of Computer Architecture Aided Design at ETH Zurich) and Matthew Cowan (artist)



Announcement of the Winners

Further Information

We are proud to have won the 2017 Award of Excellence!

Jury: Kengo KUMA, Tomonari YASHIRO, Kundo KOYAMA, Dana Buntrock, Yoshiharu TSUKAMOTO


About the Competition (from the lixil website)

“Spa in the Nature”

The public baths of ancient Rome, the Great Bath in Pakistan’s Mohenjo-daro, Germany’s Baden Baden, England’s city of Bath, Finnish saunas or Japanese onsen (hot spring) or steam baths going back to a time long before the Middle Ages – there are a variety of bathing customs found throughout the world. Even in earlier times, baths were not merely intended to remove soil and stains. They were also places of social interaction, public areas as relaxing as a living room. In the rich natural setting of Taiki-cho, Hokkaido, what would a relaxing bath spot be like? One should do more than simply soak. Imagine places to stretch or enjoy massage, stroll through the lush natural setting, dally away a day, or other kinds of activities. Under a roof or not? Do men and women share spaces? Aren’t there new and untried ways of thinking about a bathing spot and its pleasures? “INFINITE FIELD” – The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts winning design for the 6th LIXIL International Student Architectural Competition – is a movable pavilion which perhaps might have a place in the spa-like setting you design. Unlike past years, this theme encourages direct contact of architecture on skin. This new approach may also arouse new ways of employing building materials. You may boil water at the site, use water from the nearby river or ocean, or transport hot water from nearby onsen. Please design a spa where visitors can gather and relax in the nature.