michel serres 

über »das indexikalische objekt«

»The most revolutionary event in human history, and perhaps in the history of hominids, was less, I believe, the accession to the abstract or to generalization in and through language, than an uprooting of the whole of the relations that we maintain in the family, the group, etc., and which concern only us and them, leading to an accord perhaps unclear, but sudden and specific, to something external to this whole. Before this event, there was only a network of relationships into which we were plunged without appeal. And, suddenly, a thing, something appeared, outside of the network. The messages exchanged no longer said: I, you, he, we, etc., but this, here. Ecce. Here is the thing itself.«   (Michel Serres, The Birth of Physics (1980))


Michel Serres, The Birth of Physics, Le Pommier 1980.